Rocket Boys 30

Did you find this copy of our Rocket Boys? Click on “Leave a Comment” below and let us know where you’re going to leave it after you finish it. Feel free to drop it off in a coffee shop, waiting room, Little Free Library or anywhere in Tosa you think someone else will find it. (And don’t worry – we won’t share your email address.)

Initial Location:
Little Free Libabry
2877 N 117th St

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  1. Penny McCanles
    Penny McCanles says:

    I found my copy of Rocket Boys (RB 7)in a little free library on 80th Street, just north of Meinecke. I’m reading on my own time and I’m reading it aloud to my 101-year-old blind friend at Luther Manor. She’s entranced as am I. Our pastor, Sue Burwell, at Wauwatosa Avenue UMC will hold a book discussion of Rocket Boys on March 30, and my friend and I will both be there.


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