DIY Book Clubs

Are you in a book club? Would you like to start one? We have everything you need to host your own book club, from the discussion questions to recipes you can make and serve your fellow members. Follow the links below.

We’ll also be holding several book discussions at restaurants and retail shops around Tosa during February 2020. Join us for these discussions with a friend or come alone and make some new friends! You’ll find details on our Events page.

Your Discussion:

Discussion Questions for Just Mercy (from Penguin Random House)

Teacher’s Guide (with chapter summaries)

About author Bryan Stevenson

Critical acclaim for Just Mercy

Characters in Just Mercy

Where to Find out More about Just Mercy and Bryan Stevenson

The HBO documentary True Justice (now available for free viewing on the Equal Justice Initiative website)

The Equal Justice Intiative’s video library has many resources covering a broad range of topics on criminal justice reform.

Recipes for Your Meeting:

A nonfiction book like Just Mercy doesn’t readily lend itself to menu ideas for a gathering, since food isn’t often discussed in the text. You might consider serving a menu based on what Anthony Ray Hinton ate when he was released from Death Row. Hinton was one of the many convicts helped by Bryan Stevenson, and he is now a community educator for the Equal Justice Initiative.

When Hinton was released, his first meal included:

Barbecue brisket or ribs  (Consider takeout from Maxie’s or Saz’s)


Fried Okra

Banana Pudding