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Are you in a book club? Would you like to start one? We have everything you need to host your own book club, from the discussion questions to recipes based on food described in the book. Download the PDFs below.

We’ll also be holding several book discussions at restaurants and retail shops around Tosa during February 2019. Join us for these discussions with a friend or come alone and make some new friends! You’ll find details on our Events page.

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Discussion Questions for Station Eleven

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About Station Eleven

Recipes for Your Meeting:

A post-apocalyptic book like “Station Eleven” doesn’t readily lend itself to menu ideas for a gathering. Food is not stressed in the book so much as the lack of it, and the list of foods that are referenced is a curious combination of mostly non-perishable staples and not-so-appetizing forage and forest kill: Tuna, beans, soup, pasta, frozen meat, vegetables, fruit, oranges, lemons, tea, coffee, crackers, salt, preserved cakes, squirrel-on-a-stick, rabbits, deer, rabbit jerky, dried apples, cocktail olives, fish (caught in a golf course goldfish pond), ground meat and tortilla chips and cheese with sauces splashed over it, oranges and snack mix, roasted venison, Tabasco sauce, tins of tomatoes, bags of rice, deer, boar, rabbits, bread, preserved meat, wild blueberries, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese sandwich, raspberry dark chocolate truffles (given to Tanya by Arthur in the dressing room the night he died).

Chocolate truffles, sure, but squirrel-on-a-stick? Rabbit jerky?

So, while we offer a few recipes below, you might want to consider pulling together your own dishes following one of these general themes:

Comfort foods! Go with the classics like mac ‘n’ cheese or chicken pot pie or any favorites of yours and your book club members.

No more (fill in the blank). Build a menu around all the foods you would miss most if the food production and distribution system fell completely apart. (Like the fruit salad here.)

Final feast: Ask your book club members to bring a dish that would be a must component of their “last meal on earth” (or final feast before the pandemic). As an additional exercise, have each member bring a copy of the recipe and highlight ingredients that would be impossible to find if the world collapsed. Talk about those ingredients and how their absence would impact a person’s diet.

You vs. pandemic: Cook up a big pot of flu-fighting chicken soup and do your part to keep everyone healthy.

Plan a Shakespearean menu.

Or prepare survivalists’ pantry concoctions, such as the soup, tuna burgers, rice pudding and fruit compote here, which use only shelf-stable foods and nothing fresh.

Finally, to set the mood, have symphony music playing in the background, and eat by candlelight in recognition of the only lighting that would be available in a “Station Eleven” world. And you can never go wrong with raspberry dark chocolate truffles.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Curried Tuna Burgers

Strawberry and Orange Salad with Citrus Syrup and Fresh Mint

Fruit Compote

Creamy Coconut Rice Pudding