The adult prompt/theme:

The members of the Kurc family find strength in their love for each other and their hope to be reunited. Write about how the bonds that connect family have impacted your life and/or your family’s history.

The student prompt/theme:

During WWII many children had to travel separately from their parents and sometimes leave their families without knowing if they would see them again. Describe a time that a parent made a decision for you that you were nervous about, and describe what you learned from this experience.


Entries are due Monday, March 11, 2024. There is no minimum length requirement, but essays may be no longer than 1,000 words. Instructions for submitting an essay will be available here in January. Check back late March to read the winning entries.

Age Categories and Prizes

Grades 3-5 First Prize $30 Second Prize $20
Grades 6-8 First Prize $50 Second Prize $30
Grades 9-12 First Prize $75 Second Prize $50
Adult (19+) First Prize $100 Second Prize $60

Entry Form

TACR Writing Contest Entry Form 2024